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School Release Camps
When schools have a day off, we're open for our fun-filled school release camps!
Camp days are filled with:
Martial Arts Classes, Making Friends, Board Games & Lego Creations, Group Games
*You do not need to be an existing student to attend any of our Camps!
Camp for ages 5+
Camper provides their own bag lunch, drink & snack.
(No heating or refrigeration is available)

Drop Off: 8am or later
Pick Up: 6pm or earlier
Program Members: $30/day
Non-Members: $40/day
ASP Members: $20/day

Fri6 No SchoolEarly Release     
Mon16   No School    
Tues17   No School    
Wed18No School No SchoolNo School No School  
Thur19No SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo School
Fri20 No School No School No SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo School
Fri27    No School   
Thur2 No School (K-8)   No School  
Fri3 No School   No School  
Mon6      No SchoolNo School
Thur9No School       
Fri17No School   No School   
Wed22No School    No SchoolEarly ReleaseNo School
*** Gym closed for Thanksgiving Holiday November 23 & 24 ***
Fri1 No SchoolNo SchoolNo School    
Thur21No School     No School 
Fri22No School No School No School No SchoolNo School
*** Gym Closed for Winter Holiday December 23 - January 1 ***
Tues2   No SchoolNo School No SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo School
 3-5     No School  
Mon15 No SchoolNo School No SchoolNo School No SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo School
Tues16      No School 
Fri19 No School       
Thur25No School    No School  
Fri26No School No School No SchoolNo SchoolNo School 
Fri2   No School    
Thur8 No School (K-8)      
Fri9 No School       
Fri16  Early Release  No School  
Mon19No SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo School
Fri2  No School  No School   
Thur8   No School    
Fri9 No School No School    
Mon12      No School 
Fri23 No School    No School   
Fri30   No School No SchoolNo SchoolNo School 
Mon2  No School    No School
Fri14      No School 
Fri21 No School      
Fri28   No School    
Fri4No School       
Fri25  Early Release     
*** Gym Closed for Memorial Day Holiday May 28 ***
Wed6 No School (K-5)     No School
Thur7 No School (K-5)     No School
Fri8No SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo School   No School
Last DayJune 7Junbe 5 (K-8)
June 7 (MS & HS)
June 7June 7June 8June 12June 8June 5
Spring Break Camp
Mar 12-16   Spring Break    
Mar 26-30 Spring BreakSpring BreakSpring Break    Spring Break
Apr 2-6     Spring BreakSpring BreakSpring Break 
Summer Camps
Join us for one or all twelve weeks of our summer camps!
Click here for our 2018 Summer Camp Brochure!
Where Summer Fun, Friends, & Martial Arts Meet!
Each week of camp includes:
  • Unlimited fun and Games
  • Outdoor summer fun
  • Martial Arts classes
  • Trips to the West St. Paul Pool every Tuesday and Friday (weather permitting)
  • Frequent visits to Mendakota Park