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Parent's Night Out

Join us for Parent's Night Out!  

Time: 5:30PM - 10:30PM
Who: Ages 4+ (Must be potty-trained)
Cost: $40 First / $20 Additional Family Member*
*Family Member Discount only applies to siblings
** Save $5 by registering early

Your child will enjoy 5 hours of fun.  
The evening includes:

  • pizza and drink
  • video games
  • age appropriate movies
  • themed activity 
    • ​​​Laser Tag
    • Nerf Night
    • Water Wars

Who can participate?
Our Parent’s Night Out events are open for anyone in our communities. Participants do not have to be students at the school or know students at the school. Anyone that would like to have fun and be respectful is welcome.
Do we need to be there from start to finish?
We open at 5:30 and close at 10:30. kids can arrive anytime within those hours. We order pizza and prepare drinks for those who arrive and place their orders by 6pm. We do not guarantee late arrivals pizza or drink. There are no discounts offered for shortened visit time or passing on or missing pizza/drink time. Pre-orders of pizza and drink can be made day of event to get your pizza and drink if you are planning on arriving after 6pm.

2019 Schedule
Nerf Night January 12 Register
Laser Tag February 9 Register
Nerf Night March 9 Register
Laser Tag April 6 Register
Nerf Night May 11 Register
Water Wars &
Laser Tag
July 13 Register
Nerf Night October 12 Register
Laser Tag November 2 Register
Nerf Night December 14 Register