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  • I was looking for a Taekwondo place for my son. He has ADD and ADHD and all the professionals say it is the best thing for him. I had found a few that were franchises and if you signed up you were committed to one day and a specific time. That does not always work for us. I got a flyer for Boltz's at a parade for a FREE month! After the first month, the change I saw in my son was amazing! And they offer flexible days and times! When it was time for the first day of 3rd grade for him I was worried. But for the first time he loves it! I truly believe that because of Family Martial Arts Academy - Boltz's Taekwondo he has changed. Thank you, Master Boltz!

  • Taekwondo has been good for my teenage son. It has allowed him to develop good physical workout habits that I believe that he will continue throughout his life. The family atmosphere has also allowed him to develop many friendships with other students at the school. It puts my mind at ease knowing that there are good people at the gym and that he is running with the right crowd.

  • During the green belt test I was amazed to see a side of my son that I had not ever seen previously. When he was put into a situation where he could easily have given up, he instead persevered with determination. He just didn't give up! I was so proud of him that day and honestly if it had not been for the training by [Master Boltz] and the other teachers he would not have felt confident enough to have been that determined.

  • I've seen a huge improvement in my son's behavior this year. I'll happily put all the blame on Master Boltz, Taekwondo and his entire staff.

  • This is the best thing that's ever happened to my son. He's always been a good kid but now he demonstrates this wonderful respect for his parents, his belongings, for other people, etc., without any prompting. I'm amazed.

  • I'd suggest Bolt'z TKD. I was in his class for 8 years and it was the most awesome experience ever. You learn a lot, your kids will have fun, the staff there is always nice and always goes out of their way to make your child or yourself learn better and make you feel more comfortable with new faces.

  • You would be amazed at the dedication, abilities and maturity of some of these kids. It's impressive!
    One of the best things about Boltz's is that they cultivate responsibility, pride and leadership skills. Watching the older kids work with the younger ones is impressive and heartwarming.